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Torque Ladies Nite, Male Revue
Bookings (859) 242-1400
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Torque Ladies Nite offers the finest Nationwide Exotic Male Revue that is a 2 hour
action packed Chippendale's style show featuring the hottest Male Strippers who
perform professionally choreographed numbers ranging from high energy dance to
comedy, theme and movie based skits along with a show MC and a chance for the
women to interact with the men on stage!!
It is a tasteful and classy show with ZERO NUDITY in the entire show!!
All guys featured are well built high-end exotic male strippers who all met while on
tour as Chippendale's they are dynamic performers and professional to the women
both on and off stage.

Torque Ladies Nite sets your venue up for a nite of success. I provide you with all
promotional material Posters-Flyer's-Tickets, along with our own Music and
Wardrobe changes. No Venue to big or small.

Guy's want to go were the women are at. We bring the women in and are done
around 11 or 12 leaving you with a venue full of women....

More info call.                            (859) 242-1400
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Male Revue Poster
Male Revue VIP Tickets
Male Review General Admission Tickets
To the left is a sample of the Poster's and Flyer's coming in 19x13
& 13x11.

To the right are the tickets labeled for VIP and General Admission
all of which are included in most of the promo packs.
There is no Venue to big or small and prices are equally matched
to the Venue's size.
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